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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Simon Says...

Sion: Hey, dudes, listen up. I'm pretendin' to be Davo Cameron and I've put up all my greasy long hair under my bb cap to make me look like a dude and I'm gonna be street and out there so all you young hip cool dudes can dance wiv the tunes of New Labour and see what a fraud young Davo is. An if you ain't seeing this in visual I'm-a flicking my fingers like a rapper, K?

[massive big crashing sound which resounds for several minutes]

Sion: Wassat Tone, babe?

Tony: Thirteen and a half million computers being chucked out of windows.

Sion: Oh. Well, I'll take my web-cam broadcast down if Cameron asks me to.

Tony: Why the f*ck would he do that? He's got far more publicity out of you than he would ever have got otherwise. Hits on is webcam have gone up five thousand percent!

Sion: OK. Maybe I should stick to...

Tony: Maybe you should stick to being a greasy-long-haired tosser.

{No offence, Sion, baby}




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