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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Worth The License Fee On His Own...

BBC: Graham, dear. So sorry about all this fuss and bother about your reported remarks.

Graham: Well, it is all getting just a teeny bit stressful.

BBC: Yes, of course Graham, dear, we do appreciate that. It's the last thing you need as a top TV presenter/icon/supertsar, isn't it?

Graham: You can say that again.

BBC: Well, to ease the pain of the preposterous situation you find yourself in, we, the BBC Board of Governors, have come up with a little sweetner for you.

Graham: Oh, yes?

BBC: Yes. Instead of paying your £3.5 million salary in cash we propose to pay it in drugs. Now how do you feel about that, Graham, dear?

Graham: Ecstatic.




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