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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Berk or Burka

Jack: Er... hello? Gozza?

Gordon: Croak... yes, Jacksy.

Jack: Look, I think I've hit on something.

Gordon: Yes?

Jack: Well, you know how low your image-rating is with the public?

Gordon: Ye-es...

Jack: And how you lack charisma.

Gordon: Ye-es...

Jack: And how some people - not me of course - think you look a bit like an over-sized frog?

Gordon: Do they?

Jack: Well, I think I've got the answer. We put you in a full veil - and then no-one will realise all your shortcomings. Good, eh?

Gordon: And then we remove it when I'm Prime Minister, you mean.

Jack: Er... no.

Gordon: Ah. Croak.


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