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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Frog Blog 6

Gordon: Frog! Tony's got a list of ten things to do before he leaves office! Can you help me compile my own list of things to do before he leaves office?


1. Take charisma lessons.

Gordon: Why would I need to do that?

Frog: I rest my case.

2. Find out what GSOH means.

Gordon: Er...


3. Get psychological help.

Gordon: What the hell...!

Frog: That's why you need a GSOH.

Gordon: Ah.

3. Get Alan Johnson caught in a honey-trap.

Gordon: Nice idea!

4. Send the boys round to John Reid.

Gordon: Even better idea!

5. Lose your Scottish accent.

Gordon: But I don't have one!

Frog: Lose it anyway.

6. Support the England team.

Gordon: I do!

Frog: No - support, not pretend to support.

7. Do some excercise.

Gordon: I'm perfectly fit!

Frog: Yes. But do some exercise.

9. Start blaming TB.

Gordon: Do you think that's wise?

Frog: It's bloody essential.

10. Stop claiming you're not really a frog.

Gordon: But I'm not.

Frog: Yes, but stop claiming it. People will think yo need psychological help.

Gordon: Now, look...!

Frog: GSOH remember.

Gordon: Ah. Is that ten? We seem to have got the numbers mixed up.

Frog: Wouldn't be the first time, Gozza, would it?

Gordon: Croak.




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