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Sunday, October 08, 2006

What A To-Do...

Tony: Ten things to do before I leave office:

1. Have "Congratulations" cards ready for John and Alan [use as appropriate]

2. Have "Bad Luck" card ready for Gordon.

3. Drive through the Congestion Charge zone and refuse to pay.

4. Make Graham Norton Drugs Tsar.

5. Enrol Chezza in subtlety lessons.

6. Put ASBO Warnings on condom packets.

7. Restore Blunkett's sense or sight. Sight's probably best bet.

8. Publish the Hutton report, the Butler Report and the Budd Report in one volume called: "Vindication! Vindication! Vindication!"

9. Remind George that he'll have another year to go even though I'm stepping down.

10. Come up with scary anti-Tory slogan along the lines of: Cameron could be launched in 45 minutes.




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