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Friday, October 06, 2006

Ken-doh! Tells It Like It Is

Ken: Oh, hello, Sir Iain. Could you send over a couple of protection officers, please?

Iain: Er... sorry, Mayor. They won't do it. They say they couldn't possibly protect someone who was responsible for the congestion charge.

Ken: That's proposterous! They're behaving like Nazi concentration camp guards!

Iain: Are you suggesting that they are just blindly following my orders?

Ken: Well, you're meant to be the boss. If they won't do it, you should sack them.

Iain: Are you saying I'm like Hitler?

Ken: No, Sir Iain. Hitler was an egomaniac dictator with a little prick. You're a little prick with an egomaniac dictator.

Iain: Thanks, Mayor. Just be careful when you get on the Tube.

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