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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Passing The Baton

Mandy: Uh - hello, Tony.

Tony: Oh hi, Mandy - nice to hear from you - thanks for calling.

Mandy: This Charles Clarke thing's done us a bit of good, hasn't it?

Tony: You could certainly take that view! Yes it has!

Mandy: He's obviously making his Leadership bid.

Tony: Fat chance...!

Mandy: Yes, but I bet you'd rather he was PM than Gordonstoun.

Tony: Ha ha ha! You're not wrong about that!

Mandy: I bet you'd rather hand over to Prezza, even!

Tony: Ha ha ha! Priceless! Of course I would! It's good to talk to you, Mandy! Haven't laughed so much in years!

Mandy: Or even.... Margaret Beckett!

Tony: [near hysteria] Oh Mandy! You're a scream! Of course I would!

Mandy: Or how about... Ken Livingstone!

Tony: [on the floor] Oh, God! I can't speak for laughing. Yes! Definitely!

Mandy: Or possibly... David Cameron...?

Tony: Well of course, Mandy. It would be the best chance of continuing all my policies and cementing my legacy.



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