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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Button Pusher

George: Uh huh. Hiya'll Tony. Can I just run this past you. Now you have a theme song don'tcha? That you play at conferances and such?

Tony: Yes, George I do. Things Can Only Get Better. Though I don't use that one any more. Gordon suggested I use Out Of Time. The bastard.

George: OK, get this. I've come up with a theme song for me!

Tony: Oh, yes? [hand on phone - whisper to Cherie] George has come up with a theme song!

Cherie: Don't tell me - Pink Floyd The Lunatic is on the Grass?

Tony: Oh, stop it, Chezza! [into phone] Fire away, George. What is it?

George: Sugarbabes.

Tony: Sugarbabes...?

Cherie: Sugarbabes!

George: Yes. Push The Button. What do you think?

Tony: I think... um... I think you might consider a Pink Floyd song, perhaps.



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