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Monday, September 04, 2006

New World Order

Tony: Oh uh - hello, George.

George: Tony! Nice to hear from you! How's Checkers?

Tony: Fine, fine.

George: Good. Give her my best. And how's that fine country mansion you have that you took me to last visit?

Tony: Er... fine. Fine.

George: Good. What can I do for you, Tony?

Tony: Well, George, it's like this. When I eventually have to go...

George: Go?

Tony: Yes... you know... step down . As PM.

George: Do you have to do that? I'm sorry to hear that, Tony. Not like me - President for life, eh?

Tony: Er... yes. Anyway. I was hoping perhaps I could become the next Secretary-General of the United Nations. With your help, of course, George.

George: Surely not Tony! Surely you want a much higher profile than that? You have to aim for something much, much bigger. I'm mean, you'd have no power, no influence, no kudos and no chutzpa. Are you putting me on, Tony? I think this is one of your sly little jokes, isn't it? You know, Tony, I couldn't even tell you who the present Secretary-General is - that tell's you about importance-ratios, don't it? Guy like you has to aim higher, Tony. Much, much higher.

Tony: Ok, George. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.



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