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Friday, September 01, 2006


George: Uh huh. Hiya'll, Tony!

Tony: Hello, George.

George: I was wondrin', Tony, my advisors are telling me that there's a lot of specularation, Tony, about whether you're gonna step down an' all.

Tony: You mean speculation.

George: That's what I said. Specularation.

Tony: [sigh]

George: Anyways, isn't it a bit de-stabilising. How are you coping with it?

Tony: Easy, George. While there's lots of spec...

George: ...specularation...

Tony: ...speculartion, then nobody's plotting to get rid of me. So the more speculartion the better. That's why I started it.

George: Why that's genius, Tony. I think I'll try the same tactic.


Tony: George, you have a fixed term.... He's gone.

Cherie: Who was that? The Old Tosser from over the pond?

Tony: Yes, Chezza.



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