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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Free Saddam Hussein!

George: Uh huh. Hey, Tony.

Tony: Oh, hiya, George.

George: Now get this. This is mindblowing. You're just not gonna believe this idea I've had.

Tony: An idea, George?

George: You bet your sweet ass!

Tony: OK, George. Let's hear it.

George: We free Saddam...

Tony: Free Saddam...?

George: Exactly. Free him. Let him off. Give him a repieve. Exeronerate him.

Tony: You mean exonerate. Then what?

George: Invade Iran. Put Saddam in as leader. He does what we say. He's our puppet. Like before.

Tony: Yes... but suppose he gets nuclear weapons...

George: Not a chance. Remember the pig's ear he made of Weapons of Mass Destruction? We knew for years he hadn't got any.

Tony: We did...?.

George: That sorts out the whole region for us.

Tony: It does...?

George: Better believe it. Knocks the Ayahtollah right off the f***ing mountain. Heh heh heh.

Tony: Ok, George. How do we sell this?

George: You're good at writing dossiers, Tony. Write one about what a big mistake it all was. How in fact Saddam was working for us all the time. You know the sort of thing. Everyone always belives you, Tony.

Cherie: Tone babe...?

Tony: Hang on a minute, George.

George: Is that Chesney? Give her my best.

Cherie: Oh, no - is that the Old Tosser from over the pond again?

Tony: No, Chezza.

Cherie: Now don't tell fibs, Tone, babe. You know how your ears always go pink. Everyone can tell these days.

Tony: George... I'll... er... get back to you.



  • At 11:19 pm, Blogger Tim Rice said…

    You are good at satire and certainly have some relevant points to make!


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