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Thursday, August 31, 2006


George: Uh huh. That you Tony?

Tony: Yes, George. Sorry I took so long to answer. Just getting into my pj’s.

George: What! It’s only 7 o’clock, Tony. An hour and a half to bedtime!

Tony: Yes. George. You’re in Texas. Its midnight here. In Britain.

George: Britain? Where’s… Oh. Is it? Midnight? How does that work, then?

Tony: Never mind. Was it something… er… important.

George: Oh, yeah, Tony. Need some advice. Going to have a debate with this…er… Mr. Dinnerjacket. You know the Iranian dude.

Tony: You mean Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

George: Yeah. That’s what I said. Mr. Imarood Dinnerjacket.

Tony: You’re going to debate with him, George? Is that wise?

George: No sweat, Tony. What ever he says, I’ll say: Well, our bombs are bigger than yours, Buster.

Tony: Bigger bombs….

George: Like it?

Tony: Yes, well, it has a certain… well… something about it.

George: I detect that you’re not crazy about this, Tony.

Tony: I’m not sure that you should really give him the time of day, George. Don’t give him the respect, the kudos, he might get from this. Even if your bombs are bigger than his.

George: I see. I see where you’re coming from, Tony. So you’re not keen?

Tony: Not really, George. Maybe you should sleep on it and we’ll talk in the morning.

George: Maybe. Then maybe I should skip the debate. And show him the bigger bombs. By dropping them on the Motherf***er’s head. That’ll teach him. That’ll shift the Ayatollah off the mountain! Don’t you think, Tony? Yeah! Kapow!


Tony: George? George? Are you still there? You haven’t dropped the ’phone again, have you, George? George…? Kapow…? Oh, shit. [pause while dialling] Er… John. Sorry it’s so late. Can you dig out that dossier on why we should attack Iran, please?



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