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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Man Behind The Woman Behind The Man

Tony: Good morning everyone.

The Cabinet: Good morning Prime Minister.

Tony: I've asked Alistair to join us. Alistair?

Alistair: Hi, everyone. Nice to be back.

Gordon: [grunt]

Alistair: Now as you all know, in the face of all this frenzied media speculation, the one thing that Tony is really striving for is an orderly transition.

The Cabinet: Hear! Hear! [etc.]

Alistair: Well, this is how we do it.

Tony: Now listen to this everyone.

Alistair: We are going to retire an MP from a very safe seat. We are going to parachute in a specially selected fast-track candidate. Tony will then resign. And, by mutual agreement the new MP will be elected Leader, and thus - Prime Minister.

Tony: Good eh? Now you're wondering who, yes?

Alistair: Show her in, Prezza.

Enter Cherie.

Alistair: May I introduce Ms. Cherie Booth, QC. Welcome, Ma'm.

Tony: Say hello to your new colleagues, Chezza.

Cherie: Good morning dear Cabinet colleagues. Is that OK, Tone, babe?

Gordon: [coughing fit]

Alistair: Are you OK, Gordon?

Tony: [thumping Gordon on back] Did something go down the wrong way?



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