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Monday, August 28, 2006


Hiya Georgie, Baby!

Just wanted to let you know what a heavy hip time we had at the ranch! We particularly enjoyed patting the dog.

I explained everything to the boys back home [well, John anyway - no not that one - and definitely not Gordon]. Everything's cool.

Just one little point. About the Iranians and you saying that if they don't comply then we should bomb them until the Ayettollah falls off the mountain [I did enjoy your little epigram: if the mountain won't come away from the Ayettollah then we'll knock the motherf***er off it]. I heavily agree with this, of course, but just to keep everybody sweet, I think we may need just a teeney-weeney bit of diplomacy. I could, of course, handle this. What do you think?

Just tuning in to see your live press conference. You're so good at that, aren't you?

Cheers for now,


Hiy'all Tony,

How's Cheryl?

Two points.

1. What's an epigram?

2. What's diplomacy?

Give my regards to your son, Euan McGregor.

Yours in God 'n Oil,


Hiya Georgie baby,

You're winding me up [or putting me on as you say over there]

I know you know what an epigram is!

Diplomacy is when we convince everyone we're not going to bomb anyone - through sending envoys, creating dossiers, telling the odd fib and then letting 'em have it with both barrells when they're least expecting it. Kapow!

Cheers for now,


Hiy'all Tony,

How's Cherub?

Is that what diplomacy is?

I LIKE diplomacy. Let's buy into that. Kapow!

By the way I saw you son's film Trainspotting. But I couldn't spot any trains.

Yours in God 'n Oil.




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