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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Keep Digging, Ozzy

Landscaper: Nice garden, Mr. Cameron, sir.

David: Thank you.

Landscaper: Now where do you want me to plant all these oak trees? Over here on the left?

David: Oh, no. I don't think so.

Landscaper: On the right?

David: Well... I'm not sure about that. Don't think that would be the best place. What do you think, Ozzy?

George: Well I'm with you, Davo. Whatever you think.

Landscaper: How about I plant them right down the middle?

David: Now that's a good idea. Excellent! Good-oh! We'll be calling you Capability Brown next.

George: Unlike Incapability Brown in no. 11!

David: Now, Ozzy. You know what we said about gardener jokes.

George: Sorry, Davo.




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