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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Global Village Idiot

George: Uh-huh. Tony. How are you? How's Scheherazade?
Tony: Hello, George . You mean Cherie. She's fine. We're fine.
George: Good. I hear one of your citizens has been given radiation poisoning. Do we know who did it?
Tony: We think it's Putin.
George: Really? Do you want me to bomb him? Just say the word and I'll nuke the bastard. That'll show those pesky Iranians. I'm getting fed up...
Tony: George. Putin is the president of Russia. Not Iran.
George: Really? Well we can't bomb the Russians. That could de-stabilise the whole region. And South America's far too close to home.
Tony: [sigh] Yes, George.
George: I tell you what we could do, though. We could send over Condolisa Rice. That always scares the shit out of them. Quite frankly, Tony - off the record - she always scares the shit ot of me, too.
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