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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


George: Fellow Americans, having consulted with the Iraq Study Group, I can now announce new initiatives which I am certain will solve all the difficulties we are presently experiencing.

  • First: we will install Coca-Cola fountains in every square, in every city, town and village in Iraq. We extend a welcome to all Insurgents to come and get their free Coca-Cola.
  • Second: we will open a Macdonalds on every street in every city, town and village in Iraq. Every Insurgent who puts down his weapons will be given a free Big Mac each week for life.
  • Third: we will distribute the full back catalogue of Disney films to every community, free of charge, so that all citizens of the new Iraq can learn for themselves, first hand, what the values of a truly free democracy are built on.

I believe this will solve the problems of Iraq at a stroke. God bless you. God Bless America. [I mean our God, of course]. Thank you.




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