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Friday, November 10, 2006

Reviewing The Situation

George: Uh-huh. Tony? How are you?

Tony: Fine George, fine.

George: Good! And Charlie?

Tony: You mean Cherie. She's fine, too George.

George: Good, good. Look, Tony. We're reaching out for some new ideas on the Iraq situation. I wondered if you had anything to add to the mix. We need a new strategy. Any ideas?

Tony: Well George, why don't we re-name it?

George: Re-name it? I'm not sure I follow.

Tony: Call Iraq something different. A new country. Then it won't be our problem. And if anyone tries to blame us for Iraq we can say "Iraq doesn't exist". It won't mar my - our - legacy.

George: That's brilliant! Well done, Tony. What shall we call it?

Tony: Neverland.




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