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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

W is for....

George: Uh-huh. Hey Tony. Haven't spoken for a while. How's tricks?

Tony: Hello, George. We're fine here.

George: And Chemise?

Tony: Cherie? She's fine.

George: Good. I was interested to hear that you've had a "W" imprinted on your forehead. Is that a tribute to your good old buddy George Dubyuh?

Tony: Well, George, actually...

George: Because we're pretty made-up about that over here.

Tony: Really...

George: And I've had an idea. We're going to get a branding iron...

Tony: A branding iron...?

George: You know like they use on cattle to show which ranch they belong to? Well, we're going to get a branding iron of the "Crooked TB". And I'm going to have it branded right here on my sweet ass.

Tony: Really, George? I...

George: Then you can come and kiss my ass, eh Tony? What do you think about that?

Tony: Well, it's sounds exciting. 'Bye George. [click] Chezza! Guess what. George wants me to go and kiss his ass!

Cherie: Good. Are you going to take Gordon with you so he can to do it too?

Tony: I don't think so. If he kisses George's ass he might turn into a Prime Minister.




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