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Monday, January 08, 2007

Running Down The Country

Ruth: Cow!

Hazel: Bitch!

Ruth: Tart!

Hazel: Git!

Tony: Girls, girls, calm down! What on earth's the matter, babes?

Ruth: I should be Minister for Hypocrisy. I'm much better qualified than her.

Hazel: No you're not! I'm the incumbent so fuck off! The Ministry of Hypocrisy is mine. Keep your hands off. Go back to the Ministry for Buzz Words, Buzzy-body!

Ruth: Fuckwit!

Tony: Now hold on. Look Ruth, I really need you to continue at Buzz Words because you are very definitely the best in the business.

Ruth: Thank you, Tony.

Tony: But what we can do is this. We can make you the Minister for Shafting The Public as well. How about that?

Ruth: Minister for Buzz Words AND Shafting The Public? Excellent. Thank you, Tony.

Hazel: What about me?

Tony: And, Hazel, you can be Minister for Hypocrisy and Taking The Voters For Granted.

Hazel: Wonderful, Tony. Thank you. Happy now, Ruth?

Ruth: Evidence-diversity-separation-ecological-globalisation-integration-cohesion-rapidly-changing-cultural...

Tony/Hazel: Yeah, thanks Ruth. Catch you later. [exit]





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