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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Every Home Should Have One

Endemol, the company that makes Big Brother, has seen its shares leap by 10% since the row about racism erupted.

After a hastily covened board meeting today, a spokesman made the following statement:

"Due to the obvious popularity of the Big Brother format and the dynamic tension created amongst the Housmates with the ensuing highly desirable public debate about important issues in our society, Endemol is pleased to announce that it it will be piloting three new shows this year. Working titles of these three shows are:

  • It'll Be All White On The Night.

  • Never Mind The Muslims

  • Segregation Street

I am quite sure that these new shows will earn their rightful place in the affections of the Great British viewing public in the same way that Big Brother has done".

Channel Four, which has seen the Celebrity Big Brother ratings soar, has announced that it will not now be comissioning the new show Spot The Racist. This is due to Channel Four Board Member Lord Putnam's intervention, who is quoted as saying: "The British Public would not want to see the victimsation, or the perceived victimsation, of racists in such a format".




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