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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ships Of Fool

Tony: Jonno, I'm sure you're completely right, as always, but what's all this about getting prison ships?

John: Well, you see, Tony, our strategy of secretly letting prisoners escape to ease the pressure on the prisons has backfired.

Tony: Oh? How has it backfired?

John: People found out.

Tony: Oh. I see. Yes, the prison ships idea does seem like a good option. Carry on!

John: Or we could always machine-gun them...

Tony: What...?!

John: One of my very, very, very, rare jokes.

Tony: Yes. I didn't actually know you did jokes.

John: Want to hear another one? Who has a dog that is more intelligent...

Tony: Don't go there, Jonno, OK?

John: OK.



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